Claude Monet’s Garden

Claude Monet's garden and house is in Giverny Normandy.  We have all seen the photos of the garden on the internet, Museums. To actually be there and see all the different colors and flowers is one of the greatest things anyone can do.  At the previous post I said I wasn't into flower arranging but that …

Chateau de Bizy

It was only a very short drive in the coach to Chateau de Bizy.  Hidden behind trees in a huge estate is Bizy Castle.  The castle and the park surrounding Bizy is under monumental protection and features water gardens of the baroque splendors of the 18th century.   The famous stables still home for a …

Travel by Numbers

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Travel Tuesday –

it’s all about the numbers…and a quote

Are numbers a big part of your life?  How does 108 days away from home sound to you?  Could you do it?

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Well I can tell you that numbers play a big part in the life of a Mathematician, and when said Mathematician also happens to be one’s husband and travelling companion, they can take on a life of their own.

So here are a few numbers we crunched while on the last leg of our amazing odyssey,in which we bravely set out to travel for over 3 months from Australia to Europe and home again. I hope you enjoy reading 🙂

Travel by Numbers

108 days away from home

3 months 16 days

15 weeks 3 days

10 countries visited

22 different rooms

21 beds

13 flights

4 trains

9 Trams

18 buses

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Few Days Hiatus

Hi Everyone   just dropping  in quickly to let you all know I'm having an enforced break. Our main internet is down and will be fixed Tuesday, Australian time. So if I don't reply ect that's the reason. I have limited internet on my phone.   Love you all be back soon.   Bree the …

This is or that – Tag your it

I am very honored to be nominated to do This or That by the blog  Please go over and check out the blog. I am also a bit slow in doing this as it was nearly a month ago that I was nominated. Yes slap the back of the hand oh so gently (my …

Panoramic Sightseeing Tour of Paris & River Cruise

  I should have read the brochure properly. In 2016 when  in Paris and had a morning sightseeing tour of Paris, our coach stopped  many times for loo (Australian for toilet, bathroom )stops, coffee stops and opportunity to take photos. This time we were whizzed around the sites of Paris, look left look right, it …

The TGV is fast! Lyon to Paris in less than 2 hours!

Excitement and sadness filled the air as our cruise along the Rhone had ended. We would be heading to Paris on the TGV - which translates to very very fast. Our coaches arrived to take us to the Lyon Part-Dieu railway station. Wow such a busy train station.  We had been warned that pick pockets …

Zurich 28/7/16

Today is 2 years ago that my sisters and I started our first holiday overseas. I have added some photos and updated the blog post. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

3 Sisters Abroad

Such a long day, left home at 6.30 am in the morning of the 27/7/16 here in country Victoria.  Arrived at the airport at 9.30am, found a cafe where  I was able to charge my phone and have a cuppa and something to eat.  Had to wait till 12.30 pm to check in so it was a bit of a wait.    I struck up a conversation with the young guy next to me, he was from the states and was waiting for his flight to Perth where he would then do a trek over the Nullabor Plains with some friends.

That 3 hours went so quickly as we chatted.  Thank you to whoever you are 🙂

Checked in and noticed I had been put in a different seat  to what we had been allocated so I sent a text to Paula so when they checked in at Perth they…

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Lyon France – just a few more pics

    It was fascinating watching the young children play in the fountains.  We could have watched them for hours. The pools were crowded.  What else does one do on a hot day.  Wander around doing touristy things or going for a swim.  We did the tourist things. Im so glad we did.  You can …

Phew that was lucky!

After our tour of the Traboules and the old town of Lyon we were taken back to the ship for those who wanted lunch.  I was full from all the samples we had at the market. After cooling down we walked back into the city.  I had my cross body bag from Modipeller and Muriel …