Mokoan Rest Stop Art works (Victoria Australia)

Mokoan Rest Stop is very familiar to me. Its a great place to stop and stretch the legs, toilet stop and walk the dogs. Its roughly 1 hour 15 mins or 120 km from Albury heading to Melbourne or Shepparton. These stops are Northbound and Southbound on the Hume Freeway. The Hume Freeway takes you … Continue reading Mokoan Rest Stop Art works (Victoria Australia)

Glenrowan, Victoria – The Last stand of The Kelly Gang

Last week I watched the movie Ned Kelly with Heath Ledger. It was filmed in 2003. One of several made. Of course being an Australian I think I like this one the best. Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones also played Ned Kelly but to me that was definitely a bad choice. Anyway it got … Continue reading Glenrowan, Victoria – The Last stand of The Kelly Gang

Nagambie Victoria – Australia

As there is no overseas travel out of Australia at the moment I thought I would share some wonderful places here in Australia. Perhaps once travel is allowed you may want to visit these spots. I have also neglected the blog lately due to moving, Christmas and New Year. Its been hectic. Life is now … Continue reading Nagambie Victoria – Australia

Where have we been?

This year has certainly thrown everyone huge curve balls. We 3 sisters were supposed to have travelled to Europe this year. Prague, Budapest, Cesky Kromlov....sigh then a cruise on the Baltic. Here in Australia travel was banned, we couldn't even go to another state. In Victoria we had one of the longest lockdowns. Virtually from … Continue reading Where have we been?

Heidelberg Castle – Does Lightning really strike twice?

Four years ago the 3 sisters were on a Rhine cruise with APT and one of our tours was a visit to the Heidelberg Castle in Germany. Our ship was moored at Mainz and we took a bus to this magnificent place. Heidelberg Castle is one of Germany's most visited tourist spots. The castle is … Continue reading Heidelberg Castle – Does Lightning really strike twice?