A stroll through Giverny France

Giverny is roughly 3 kms from Vernon and only 75 kms from Paris.  So an easy day trip by car or one of the many day tours that go there.  You can also stay in one of the many little “Gites” or B&B’s that are in Giverny or Vernon.

Fancy staying in Giverny?  Then look at gites-de-france.com

Giverny is pronounced – Jee-va-nyee.  It is located on the right bank of the Seine River.

After the garden we walked through Claude Monet’s Home.

The dining room
The kitchen
The view  from the house
Monet’s Art room


Muriel and I decided to take the walk through the town to the local church.  Monet and his family are buried there.  We were told by one of the guides that the church is well worth the 15-20 min walk.  We must have walked fast as it took us half the time.

Monet family gravesite


Monet’s Grave site – always with flowers



Not only is Claude Monet and his family buried in the cemetery in Giverny but also 7 British Airmen who’s Lancaster bomber crashed in flames on the night of the 7/8 June 1944.


A marker for the 7 airmen who were shot down on the 8/6/1944 near Giverny
The grave for the 7 airmen at Giverny


There were only a handful of us who ventured to the church.  Most found a bar or cafe till we would be taken back to the ship.  It was oh so quiet after the hustle and bustle of the gardens.

The Altar in the Church in Giverny
Seating in the church, see the hat resting on the chair?



Tribute to the British airmen
Stunning Stained Glass Windows


Oh so quiet the streets of Giverny
Beautiful flowers in the garden of Claude Monet
Rue Claude Monet


We arrived back at out meeting place to see  the 4  tour guides having an argument.   In French, oh how I wish I knew exactly what they were saying.  It was so funny to see the waving hands.  Muriel understood a bit that’s how we knew it wasn’t just a conversation. I wish I had taken a photo it was so funny.


Did you know the airmen were buried in the cemetery?

More photos of the garden and the house will be on the Instagram account.




25 Replies to “A stroll through Giverny France”

  1. I so loved Monet’s garden and Giverny. I bought a lovely hat there. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to walk to the church and gravesite. Now I see what I missed. Thanks for the pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s a part of France I’ve not yet explored, but I’d love to. I hope the families of those soldiers know that is where they’re buried, it mus5 have been quite poignant


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