“Sixty is the New Forty.” Oh Really?

Liz Byrski

Remember when we were told ‘sixty is the new forty’? I’ve been searching Google to find who first said this and when; no luck so far.  But it seems that a lot of people, politicians, medical experts, health gurus, lifestyle writers, statisticians and commentators on everything from ageing to banking, business and financial management have circulated it.  I saw it first as a newspaper headline alongside a photograph of then Treasurer Peter Costello wearing a wide grin.  I haven’t been able to identify the date or the year, or whether Costello was the first to suggest this, but I believe it was some time in 2007.

Back then I was in my early sixties and standing in the queue in the local newsagent. ‘What rubbish,’ I said, intending to talk to myself, but it sort of fell out of my mouth!

‘In your dreams eh!’ said a voice behind me. …

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