Sorry, I’m Still Sick

How often do we get asked “how are you” to which you reply with the truth and people then say “your still sick?”

My Medical Musings

(This is an re-write of an older 2017 post titled ” Hope You’re Feeling Better” )

I love that friends, family and even neighbours often think of me and ask how I am, or say they hope I am feeling better.

It lets me know that I am cared for and not forgotten, even though my disease has pretty much caused me to live the life of a recluse over recent years.

An Unexpected Emotional Response

However, it also conjures an unexpected emotional response in me. A response that I am sure many others with chronic diseases will relate to. It conjures a feeling of guilt.


I’ve been contemplating that question for a while and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because I feel like I’m letting everyone down.

People generally like to read a good story with an introduction, a middle with a climax that is often dramatic…

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