Ardeche Steam Train

When I knew that we would be going on a Steam train I was beyond excited.  As a child I loved catching the steam train for family picnics and school outings.  Hanging the head out as you go along the tracks. The clickety clack of the wheels and the whistle as the train headed to …

Senior Salon Roundup Post: March 19 – 23, 2018

This is so much fun, joining the link is easy.


NatureI am so delighted with the first Linkup here at the Senior Salon.  I will share a weekly roundup after the closure of each session of all posts and provide a pingback to your blog.

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Viviers – Ardèche Region

  By the time everyone came back from the Truffle Farm and Grignon Castle I was bursting to get out and do some exploring.  Being sick is awful, double that when away on holidays.  Poor Muriel, as soon as she came back I was like "come on let's go exploring in Viviers. " A quick …

6 Month Update on my Knee Injury

So its been 6 months since I initially injured my knee on the flight home from Paris.  6 months!  Where has the time gone? I am now going to physio twice a week.  Each time I go I am put through my paces.  30-45 mins of intense workout. Waiting on referral to do some physiotherapy …