Wow I have been struck with the most awful flu/cold and of course the pain in my knee is still driving me nuts.  The Xray showed nothing so I head to the hospital on Tuesday for a MRI on the knee.

This cold thing keeps me awake at night, coughing so much I have to keep sucking on my asthma puffer to help breathe.  I am sitting up in bed right now as laying down even on my side causes me to cough way to much.

My days are spent in the lounge with the heater on and dozing on and off.

Once I am feeling more like myself, I will start to write up our adventures in France.


Take care




22 Replies to “Update…”

      1. Oh no, I’m so sorry it wasn’t better news. I’d never even heard of anterior cruciate but Google tells me that ligament can be sprained or torn. I’m guessing it’s maybe a tear? I’d imagine a surgeon would be best placed to tell you what they think the options are from here. Fingers crossed you can be referred to see someone asap as waiting for these things can be awful. Please do take care of yourself in the mean time, especially that knee of yours!  ♥
        Caz x

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      2. Thanks Caz xx yes Im going to take it easy till I know whats next. I have a brace for it and Im using the wheelie chair my 80 year old housemate has. She doesn’t use it so I may as well. I am about to google it. I know grown men who play footy cry like babies when it happens to them so that makes me feel a bit better… My pain level must be high… I always thought it was low.

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  1. Oh dear, that’s the last thing you need. I had an awful cold/flu about 2 weeks ago, and it suddenly developed into a really bad cough and eventually one day I couldn’t breathe (typical to be on a bank holiday weekend and I had to go to A&E to see someone out of hours). It was a nasty chest infection, but somehow I’d coughed enough to pull my rib muscles. Didn’t even know that was possible. It hurts like hell, even now. At least with anti-inflammatories and codeine I can just about lie down, so please – please – take care when coughing and perhaps hold onto your sides with your arms wrapped around you because that’s pain you really don’t need! Hoping you’re feeling better soon and that all goes well for the MRI on Tuesday.
    Caz xx

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      1. I’d never heard of it before which is why I wanted to give you a little heads up! Really do hope you start to feel better soon – keep us posted on how you’re doing and how the MRI goes when you can! 🙂

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