Monte Cassino

My friend Esther has written this tribute to the fallen, over 4,200 Australians and New Zealanders and Canadians who lost their life at the Battle of Monte Cassino.

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A hush descended upon the group as we alighted from the bus on a sunny, warm Italian summer’s day. The quiet immediately grabs you. The utter tranquility. You are enveloped by an overwhelming sense of sadness and reverent silence. Sorrowful echoes of the past are felt in the warm breezes that touch your cheek…

As ANZAC day draws near, I wanted to remember our visit to the Cassino War Cemetery, during our journey from Sorrento to Assisi.


The Cassino War Cemetery is a war grave cemetery in the commune of Cassino, Province of Frosinone, 139 kilometres south-east of Rome.

Cassino War Cemetery is the burial site for thousands of Commonwealth soldiers who died during the Italian Campaign in World War Two. Also on the site stands a memorial to those soldiers whose graves are not known.

The Cassino War Cemetery is the second largest Second World War Cemetery in Italy, with over 4200 Commonwealth graves belonging to…

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Anzac Day: A day of remembrance for all beings

My friend Sar (Sarah) posted this today on Anzac Day –

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I personally had trouble typing my own thoughts about this topic, but remembering all beings who serve, have served and that have fallen, in any land, time or place due to war, means a lot to me, so because I couldn’t put all of my own words together for a decent post, I will sometimes use the words of others.

I have very strong feelings of sadness for those who have lost due to war, but also for the animals who were forced to give their lives, to and for humans.

On this day of remembrance I would like to share what I have found:

Over 16 million animals served in World War I

There were 136,000 horses, but only one came home, a horse called Sandy.

Pigeons carried crucial letters at war, even when injured and saved thousands of lives, they were the first animals to receive war medals.

Dogs also sent messages…

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Anzac Day – A Day of Remembrance

Today 25th of April 2017 is a day of remembrance .  It marks the anniversary of the 1st major military action fought by Australians and New Zealanders. Today is a day of reflection. To remember those that gave their life so we could live ours. Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. On … Continue reading Anzac Day – A Day of Remembrance

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Cramm Award

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Aussie Rules Football and Melbourne

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Book Review – All that is lost between us – Sara Foster

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Sunshine Blogger Award

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