Traveling when having a chronic Illness

Hi everyone, as I am a member of the Chronic Illness Bloggers I thought I would share a blog link for you all to have a look at.

When you have a chronic illness, traveling can be scary sometimes.  I know that it takes a lot of being prepared, taking lots of medications with you, lists of these medications signed off by your doctors.  These all need to be with you in your hand luggage.  A lot of countries wont even allow you to have Panadol unless prescribed by your doctor.

Always get your doctor to do a letter of your conditions/diseases and what drugs even down to Panadol on the letter.  Have several copies just in case.


Thanks so much for your time

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11 Replies to “Traveling when having a chronic Illness”

  1. Thanks for this! Have book-marked to come back to as I’m hoping (perhaps it’s a pipe dream but a girl’s got to dream!) I may get away this year for a week somewhere, which I know will be a huge challenge. A few copies of a letter from your doc about your conditions and medications is a very useful tip.x

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  2. I can understand how difficult this gets. I have thyroid condition and now migraine. Can be quite difficult. But I have found travel to be a good medicine! Keep on with your travels. It will get better soon!

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